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This is Masha Danielle

Masha brings a decade of experience in social marketing & content strategy. As a strategic consultant with a people-first approach to management and social media planning, Masha has had the privilege to work with award winning agencies, beginning her career at WPP's Burson Cohn & Wolfe; she has collaborated, led and activated social first work at 360i, Razorfish and most recently at Day One Agency. She is consistently looking for opportunities to propel her client's work to new heights and believes in working with brands that live and stand by their brand purpose. 

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Masha has a proven track record of helping Fortune 500 brands increase reach and awareness, positive sentiment and brand affinity. She has led numerous brands to increase purchase intent, brand and ad recall on major social media platforms. Masha has found her most rewarding work to be with brands and organizations that can stop you in your scroll and redefine what it means to change and impact our industry. 

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